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Setting Up Sustainable Hydration Practices for your Workplace Wellness

Hydration is typically associated with consuming more water while at home, but there are numerous other ways to stay hydrated throughout the day. We must bear in mind that many of us are out of our homes for long stretches on any given day—including the hours spent at work.

It's unfortunate, but many workplaces overlook the importance of #hydration due to a lack of awareness about its significance. Hydrated employees are the foundation for a happy, healthy, and motivated workplace. Not only that but their productivity increases as well- it's why it is essential to include hydration into your organizational wellness plan.

How Hydration Improves Workplace Wellness

Hydration should be a priority in any company's #wellnessplan since it can have an immense influence on #health, #happiness and #motivation. Without enough water intake, employees may suffer adverse effects that can ultimately affect their work output.

Hydration and Effects on Health

In the EU 75% of French and 50% of Germans for example suffer #chronicdehydration each day. Research has revealed that even at a 2% water loss of body weight, cognitive functions like short-term memory, attention span, and visual motor tracking can be affected. Furthermore, reaction times may slow by 23% when water deficit is up to 4%. In some workplaces such as construction sites or factories where quick reflexes are essential for safety purposes this could present overwhelming danger.

Hydration and Effects on Happiness

Dehydration not only clouds the brain, but it can also take a toll on mood. Studies have indicated that staying hydrated promotes sharp thinking and cognitive skills in employees while decreasing levels of exhaustion during work hours, making them more productive and content overall.

Hydration effects on Motivation

When employees are hydrated, that extra energy and clarity of mind can motivate them to achieve more with less effort and fewer resources. Energetic and focused employees are more productive than dehydrated, fatigued workers.

Transform your workspace into a healthier and more productive environment with these tips

  1. Put together a #tangiblepolicy related to hydration. Abstract ideas produce abstract outcomes, yet if you pursue quantifiable objectives, then real results shall follow suit. Aim higher and go beyond simple concepts in order to make an impactful difference.

  2. Equip your employees with the knowledge to live by your company’s hydration policy, and motivate their commitment at all corporate levels.

  3. Offer your employees an unlimited supply of refreshing, cool water with adequate numbers of drinks stations.

  4. Offer healthy #flavoredwater with health benefits to serve the employees who don't like or can't drink enough plain water, and save by #replacingsodas and other less healthy drinks with too much sugar.

  5. Opt for drinks that are environment-friendly and contribute towards green initiatives in order to make a lasting impact on our planet's future.

  6. Equip each member of your team with a robust, branded water bottle for them to use in the office - so that they always have access to quality hydration!

  7. Instill the importance of #stayinghydrated in your employees by ensuring that they take regular, enforced breaks and use this time to consume liquids regularly.

  8. Ensuring that each office and space within your company is equipped with an adequate Drink Hub for its employees should not only be a priority from the perspective of health and wellness but also in compliance with relevant laws.

  9. Equip administrative staff and supervisors with the knowledge they require to identify signs of dehydration, allowing them to respond quickly and appropriately when an employee needs assistance.

  10. Be cognizant of the environmental conditions that can further your risk for dehydration, such as high temperatures and intense dust.

Completing the Puzzle

Hydration should be a fundamental component of your workplace wellness plan in order to ensure that you fulfill both legal requirements and safeguard the health and productivity of employees. It is vital for organizations to recognize hydration as an individual health requirement, but also a major factor towards corporate efficacy.

By adopting strategies to ensure that all employees are properly hydrated, your business stands to increase profitability and reduce workplace stress. Additionally, the healthier and more #productiveworkforce created can further bolster these positive effects on your organization as a whole.

Make it fun by challenging each other and incentivizing those who drink their daily recommended amount of #H2YO! To make any workplace wellness strategy effective, companies need to educate and motivate employees to participate in the effort.


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