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H2YO Diabetes-Safe Drinks Trial Program

*Available to the first 25 applicants. 

H2YO is opening  a trial program with a goal to receive feedback from families  with children or adults with diagnosed type I or II diabetes.


Received feedback will be driving decision to develop a more affordable consumer oriented dispeners and 

We aspire for individuals grappling with diabetes to enjoy an equal standard of living like anyone else.


Savor tasty, naturally-flavored drinks made with a safe, natural sweetener that won't raise blood sugar levels. Adding top-notch vitamins to the drinks also helps improve overall health.


H2YO drinks are a healthy choice for everyone in the family.


  • Managing diabetes involves knowing how foods impact blood sugar levels. 

  • Sugar alcohols are common sugar substitutes in diabetic- friendly products*.

  • Xylitol, used in H2YO drinks is for many people a healthy alternative**.

  • Individual Variability: People with diabetes should monitor their blood sugar levels to understand their personal response to sugar alcohols, as individual reactions can vary.

  • Caloric Content: While lower in calories than sugar, sugar alcohols still contain calories, so mindful consumption is necessary to avoid weight gain

  • Appetite reduction: Xylitol at low doses can boost satiation, with minimal effects on blood lipids and slight changes in glucose and insulin, indicating its potential as a satiety-enhancing sugar alternative

  • Digestive Issues: Overconsumption of sugar alcohols can lead to gastrointestinal discomfort, including gas, bloating, and diarrhea. This is because sugar alcohols are not fully absorbed by the body and ferment in the large intestine.  Research indicates that consuming under 20 g per day of Xylitol is safe for most people.

Book your H2YO drinks dispenser

Diabetes trial



Every month

Valid for 3 months

Free dispenser rent

Min payment 39 EUR/mo

25% discount on all drinks

LImited offer

Available to the first 25 applicants. 


Monthly payment of 39 EUR includes 120x 200ml drinks per month. Additional drinks will be charged. H2YO smart dispenser is provided free of charge to the participants of the program.


 there has to be at least one person suffering from type I or II diabetes. Any age.

- You should be able to measure glucose level changes when consuming H2YO drinks.

- you will be asked to provide short feedback 1x every month in form of anonymous online survey about your experience with H2YO drinks.

- you will need to provide wi-fi connection to the H2YO dispenser during the whole period of participation in this program to collect consumption statistics.


You can unsubscribe at any moment. No refunds are made in case you cancel your subscription. Dispenser has to be returned to H2YO.

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